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“I HATE TELEPORTAATTTIOONNNN!!” Aldrin managed to shout out this time before getting sucked away. The priest had just tried picking up that strange watch when it latched onto his neck and swept him away, leaving the rogue, Castor, on his own.
   “What the...” he said. They had just gotten here and now they got separated. "This is all Bridget’s fault! That blasted clock on legs! I should have gutted her whe-” his rant was cut short as he was suddenly grabbed from behind. He instinctively grabbed for the daggers on his belt and slashed behind him, only to find that what had grabbed him wasn’t a person. It was some kind of strange, floating machine above him with tentacle-like arms reaching down.
   “Let me go, you hunk of junk!” Castor shouted at it but it did not react. It merely tightened its grip on the rogue’s shoulders. He tried to slash at the arms, but his strikes were ineffective as his daggers simply clashed off the arms. He tried to struggle free, but try as he might, he remained stuck. After about ten minutes of struggling and cursing, two new arms reached out of the machine. Before he could react, they grabbed his hands now, causing him to drop his weapons.
   “Fuck, fuck, FUCK,” he shouted. “When I see that blasted doll I’m going to fucking kill her!” His words were not heard though as another black machine appeared. It too had robotic arms and they reached for the rogue’s legs this time. He was in really big trouble now. Whoever was controlling these things, and he could make a pretty good guess, really had it out for him. When a third machine appeared, Castor sighed. There was little he could do about it now. His weapons had been discarded and all of his limbs were incapacitated.
   “Fucking bring it on, then!” Castor shouted at the machine, expecting more arms to grab for him. However, that did not happen this time. The circular machine hovered directly over his head before opening up, casting a light blue light down on him. As it did, the other machines seemed to let go of him. Thinking that this was his chance, the rogue instantly tried to run away, only to bump against something unseen.
   “Ugh, what gives?” he said and reached around him. He was surrounded by some kind of force field. Try as he might, the field would not budge from his pushes. Punching didn’t seem to help out either. He sighed and thought back to Aldrin. Wherever he was now, he must have been going through similar horrors he figured. Then he remembered that the priest had tried to protect Bridget, causing Castor to just get angrier again. He was on his own throughout all of this. The two machines that had grabbed him earlier now seem to merge together, forming a platform underneath Castor’s feet. When it was finished, the three devices started floating. He shouted for help again as he was lifted up in the air and carried off. The light that had imprisoned him turned red then. As it did, suddenly the rogue felt quite drowsy. Within seconds, he fell asleep, losing all track of time.

When Castor came to again, he felt quite groggy. Opening his eyes, he could vaguely see that he was in some kind of room. It looked a bit like the area that he had been in before. He was still stuck in that force field, its light having turned into blue again. Looking down, he could see that most of his attire was gone now too. All he had left was his underwear. He groaned as his neck and back muscles protested. He couldn’t tell how long he had been asleep while standing, but it must have been quite some time.
   “Ah good, you’re awake. About time,” came a sudden, digitised, feminine voice from the left. Looking over, Castor gasped at what he saw. There stood a young woman, wearing a skin-tight blue and red latex suit. She wore some kind of helmet with a visor covering her eyes and there were clocks on either side of it. Her blue hair was tied in two pigtails, reaching down to her hips. The most intriguing part of her though was the fact that her skin was completely blue too. All over her body, digital clocks were displaying the current time. It even did so on her visor.
   “Who are you?” the rogue asked. He had never seen anything or anyone like her. The girl was using some kind of floating screen, dragging and pressing little buttons on it. It all looked very alien.
   “I’m Akita,” she said as she reached up to her helmet and pressed a button there. When she did, the visor that was covering her eyes was removed, revealing her eyes to be shining a bright blue and white colour. The same hue appeared in her mouth whenever she opened it. It freaked Castor out and he tried to struggle free again as he had done before, but the forcefield simply wouldn’t budge.
   “Let me out!” he shouted, but the strange woman just waved her finger in front of his face.
   “Ah, ah, ah, none of that,” she said with a wide grin plastered on her face. “You are a glitch that needs to be fixed. After all, you are the one who attacked my darling Bridget, are you not?” Bridget! Of course, she was behind all of this!
   “She stole my loot!” Castor shouted angrily. “I was merely taking what was rightfully mine!” Akita simply laughed.
   “Your loot?” she said in a mocking tone as she continued handling the display in front of her again. “How arrogant. I guess it’s to be expected from one such as you.” That’s when the rogue realizes something.
   “Where is Aldrin?!” Castor shouted. If he had been caught by this crazy blue lady then Aldrin must have been as well. He was still the rogue’s friend, even though he didn’t really like admitting that. Akita halted her work again and then raised an eyebrow.
   “Oh? Who’s that?” she asked curiously.
   “My pal! He was with me!” Castor said.
   “With you?” Akita asked. She placed her finger on her chin as she thought about this. “Odd. My sensors didn’t pick up on any other life forms.” She used her hand to beckon a screen to come over. On it, she started frantically searching for something it seems. That seemed strange. How was this possible? Maybe he had escaped already? The way this girl spoke, however, made it seem as if Aldrin hadn’t been there with him at all.
   “He’s a priest, skinny, crop blond hair?” Castor described.
   “No… no… no… nope,” his captor said. “The only ones who have been here are you, me and Bridget.”
   “That’s not possible! He was…” Castor tried saying, but he was interrupted by Akita giggling.
   “I haven’t even started anything yet and you’re already seeing things,” she said. “This should be fun.” Dismissing the side screen, her attention returned to the main one.
   “What in the world…” the rogue said, unable to believe any of this.
   “Alright, starting the scan now,” Akita said. Just like that, a strange web made of light appeared right over Castor’s head and started to descend down upon him. He tried to dodge it, but there was no way it would miss. Funnily enough, though, the light web did not seem to do anything to him at all. It was just light. When it reached his feet, the web disappeared again. All the while, Akita was just staring at her screen where an image of Castor appeared.
   “What the fuck was that?!” Castor demanded. Akita simply ignored his shouts.
   “Hmmm, a rogue, huh?” she said. “Figures of course. Everything is always for the taking for you, isn’t it?” she shrugged then. “Ah well, it won’t matter soon enough.”
   “What does that mean?!” he shouted. Akita looked a little bit annoyed now and pressed the middle of the clock-faces on the sides of her helmet.
   “That’s better,” she said. “You are an endless loop of shouts, you know.” She must have somehow dampened the volume she was hearing a bit as she resumed working again. Beckoning over two new screens, she used her hands to handle both of them at the same time. Castor would be impressed if he wasn’t caught in her clutches. So his thoughts went back to Aldrin again. They had been travelling together for years. Sure, he could be a bit of a wimp, but he always stuck by the rogue and always helped him out when things got hairy. It couldn’t be that he was just not there today. It was just another adventure. He had been the one to talk to Bridget in the first place. The two of them had been getting along quite well. Right up until the fight broke out and the strange watch-like device had teleported Aldrin and himself away together. Shortly after that, the device had snapped onto Aldrin’s neck and had separated him from Castor. Wait… the watch! The DLC was on Aldrin!
   “Hey! Blue lady!” he shouted several times, only to be ignored. Castor rolled his eyes. “Akita!”
   “What is it now?” she asked, never looking up from her screens. This woman was an amazing multitasker alright. Maybe it was a skill?
   “Where is that watch now? The DLC?” he asked calmly in a smug tone. He had to link the events of today together right up until the point that Aldrin vanished. That would provide clear evidence to make Akita see that Aldrin had been there with him today. Sure enough, Akita stopped her work and turned around. She moved in front of him and placed her hand on her neck. It was covered in the same latex as the rest of her body. There was some kind of inscription there but, other than that, there was nothing different about it. That is until something black appeared from the inscription. Within a few moments, her neck was surrounded by a black bracelet with a watch in the front.
   “You mean this?” she asked. It looked exactly like the watch that had been around Aldrin’s neck earlier. The realization struck him then.
   “A-aldrin?” he whimpered. Akita raised an eyebrow and upped her volume again, noticing that Castor had stopped shouting everything now.
   “Did you hit your head or something?” the woman asked amused. “There is no Aldrin.” just then, she dismisses her DLC again, returning it to its latex form.
   “Y-you… you’re Aldrin,” Castor said, unable to believe his eyes. His friend had been transformed beyond recognition into this blue being of time in front of him.
   “Preeetty sure I already told you my name,” she said and she placed her hand on Castor’s cheek. “I’m Akita, Gigabyte.” She eyed him over for a second as if some part of her deep down recognized him. It was not to be though as she laughed then and went back to her screens once more. Unbelievable. Whatever Bridget had done, his friend was now far gone. In his place stood Akita now. A time elemental, obviously completely charmed by Bridget, or so Castor thought at least. She was scrolling through some options on her screens it seems
   “Aldrin, snap out of this! This isn’t you!” Castor shouted in panic. A cold pit formed in his stomach at his helplessness. He was trapped and his last hope was the one responsible for this. Akita ignored his pleas completely, either because she was occupied or because she simply didn’t want to be interrupted anymore. From where he was standing, Castor could make out the word ‘overwrite’. Whatever it meant, it couldn’t be good. Was he going to be overwritten? Was he too going to be changed like his friend?
   “Hmm, ooh, this is good. No, wait, this looks even better. Oh, and then… yes, that matches perfectly. Maybe then if I can find some cuffs. Yes, yes!” Akita was talking to herself. Musing about whatever she had in store for the rogue. An almost maniacal grin appeared on her face, or so it appeared to Castor.
   “I’m sorry for punching you. I’m sorry for treating you like shit,” Castor pleaded, quickly running out of options. Desperate times called for desperate measures he thought. If all of this was some sort of revenge ploy, then maybe this would work.
   “None of my data indicate any kind of punching going on. In fact, none of my data indicate us ever meeting,” Akita said before going back to her musing again. “Alright, that’s that! Get ready, Gigabyte.” Just as she said that, she taps her screen and the net of light flares up again at her feet. This time though, the light does more than just shine. Where it touches the rogue’s feet, it starts transforming them. Shoes appeared around his bare feet. They were blue and gold, featuring small clocks on the top. The shoes also had small heels of maybe one inch. When the light touched the skin of his legs, it became apparent that the changes were not just going to be a change in attire. His legs were smoothed out and turned white, covered by thin, see-through, thigh-high socks. Not to mention, his feet and legs were becoming much more dainty. The new skin also felt… different somehow. It felt synthetic like latex.
   “FUCK, TURN THIS THING OFF!” Castor demanded, but Akita just watched.
   “Too late for that. The program won’t terminate until it’s done,” she said, giggling and folding her arms.
   “I DON’T DESERVE THIS!” the rogue shouted desperately.
   “Oh, don’t get your processor in a fit,” Akita chuckled. “This’ll be over soon.” The beam of light climbed up higher and higher, soon reaching Castor’s knees. It was here that four pieces of dark blue fabric started appearing. One rectangular in the front, a similar one in the back and two pointed ones on the sides. As the transformation climbs higher, his upper legs became thicker and the socks stopped. He noticed also that where his body had already been transformed, it was no no longer in the blue light that was keeping him in stasis. However, it also seemed that he could not move his lower legs whatsoever. Not by himself at least. It looked like they acted on their own. Soon after, the transformation reached his crotch. He couldn’t help but scream it out as his manhood was replaced by a vagina instead. All of his life, he had thought so low of men who got himself transformed into women. Now, it was happening to him. He could not believe it, but there was no time to lament it as his hands now became affected by the beams of light. Cuffs appeared around his wrists, again featuring clocks. This obsession with clocks from Bridget, Akita and all really drove Castor up the wall, but he was sure that soon he too would be invested in the whole time thing. The four pieces of dark blue fabric merged together into one single piece of clothing. It was obviously forming a dress. His white arms were covered in dark blue sleeves and his waist became much thinner than his thighs had been. The tell-tale feminine hourglass figure. The transformation reached his chest next as two generously sized breasts appeared which were soon covered safely. The skin above his new breasts was bare and a large necklace with a clock hanging from it appeared around his neck. It nestled safely into his bosom. The realization dawned on him more and more that he was being transformed into a nun of time. The clothes he was wearing was of course a habit. His head was the only part of his body that remained as his old self.
   “Please… stop,” he begged. Those were his last male words as the transformation passed over his mouth. Soft, pouty lips and puffy cheeks appeared and his short brown hair turned pure white, only slightly longer than what it had been before. A dark blue veil and white coif appeared over his head. It was then that the light passed over his eyes and his mind. He closed his eyes as an internal struggle took place. Castor tried his best to fight back. To resist. He had always resisted. Ever since he was little, he had learned that nothing ever came easy. It made him what he was today. He could only ever rely on himself. It was years ago now when he first met Aldrin. The rogue was in need of a healer for the raid he had planned on an old temple to the long-dead goddess. Aldrin was perfect for the job. His passive nature made that he could be pushed around easily and that he rarely asked questions about morality. Ever since that successful raid, they had travelled together. That is when doubt entered his mind. Was that really what happened? It didn’t seem like it was as new memories entered his mind. New memories? No… they were old memories of course. It was years ago now when Cassiopeia had come into contact with the nuns Bridget and Akita. She had discovered the teachings of Alinavious about Time and that is how she had found them. Eventually, Bridget had gotten herself transformed into a time elemental on accident, but it actually worked out in her favour. She became the first High Priestess of Time since the goddess’ death. Her lover Akita of course followed in her footsteps. It was recently that she became a time elemental as well and became the second High Priestess of Time. Cassiopeia could only ever hope to one day measure to their dedication. She remained a nun herself. She was half human, half time elemental. Time flowed through her as it did with her two superiors, but it was definitely not as strong as it was for them. She was not dictated by time as they were. It was fine though. She knew her place. She knew to follow. There was something still off though. Something was missing. Something or… someone? An image of an hourglass flashed before her, but it was faint. It was there for only a mere moment, only to be buried into her mind again. Maybe this person would come to her soon? When the light had completely passed over her, the transformation had finished. Cassiopeia opened her hazel eyes then. Next to her stood a woman that she was very familiar with.
   “L-lady Akita,” she said, “what happened?”
   “I’ve awoken you, Gigabyte” Akita replied. Akita had always had a funny range of nicknames, but ever since her transformation, the terms she had been using were all alien to her. “How do you feel?”
   “I feel… strange,” the nun said. She rubbed the synthetic skin of her legs together as she looked around.
   “Don’t worry about that. It’ll pass,” Akita said in a caring tone. “I’ve forwarded your ports and unlocked your hidden potential. Don’t you remember? As half-human, half time elemental, you were unsure of what you truly were. I’ve cleared that up for you. I removed some unnecessary files, adjusted your settings here and there and cleaned up your hard-disk.”
   “Uhm,” the nun said, tilting her head.
   “Ah, sorry Cassie,” Akita giggled. “I cleared your mind of your unnecessary worries and helped you relax.”
   “Ah… of course,” Cassiopeia said, bowing courteously. “Thank you, milady.”
   “No worries, Gigabyte.” Akita said with a smile. Just then, the door opened and a pink, metal woman entered wearing a steel ballerina outfit. She walked around on the tips of her toes and the soft sound of ticking clocks emanated from her body. Her body shined in the neon lights surrounding them and her irises were clock faces.
   “Is it done?” she asked. Of course, this was Bridget. Cassiopeia bowed courteously to her as well.
   “Yes, of course, my Terabyte,” Akita said, hugging her lover and kissing her on the lips. Bridget eagerly returned the favour.
   “How do you feel, Cassie?” Bridget asked, concerned.
   “I feel… much better,” the nun replied, a smile appearing on her face.
   “Excellent!” Bridget said excitedly.
   “Now… I believe it is time we start looking for backers,” Akita said. “If we are to rebuild this temple, we need money to fund it.”
   “Yes, agreed,” Bridget said, “but I don’t think it would be a good idea to rebuild this building. I think it would be in our favour to build a new temple in New Stepolis. The church will be visited there more than it would here.”
   “Good thinking!” Akita said before placing her visor over her eyes again. “I’ll pick out a good location then.”
   “I shall find us some funders then,” Bridget said. Cassiopeia remained silent throughout their talks. She had learned to stay quiet when her superiors were talking. That said, over the years she had become close friends with them as well, and she knew she was allowed to cross her boundaries.
   “I can take care of that,” she said. “I know of a man by the name of Edwin Thamos. He is fairly old and has way too much money. He is also looking for a way to reverse his age.” The two priestesses thought about this for a moment and smiled.
   “Good thinking,” Bridget said. “Go to him then. We will restore the world’s faith into lady Alinavious.”
   “Of course, milady,” Cassiopeia said with a smile before leaving the room. The two priestesses remained talking things over together. With a clear mind now, the nun saw the world in a brighter light. It felt like her life had just begun again. Only that strange vision of the hourglass seemed to be missing, but she was sure she’d find them soon enough.
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quatre0624 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I know his stories just somethings toad some spice to them. The water clock story was good.  You guys have something that is great and could go for a long time.  Can wait to see what he has next.  
Roxanne13579 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
well, currently on a small hiatus while I am studying for a test coming up, but I am working on the epilogue to part 3 ^^
quatre0624 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017
Just as was thinking that needs to be stories for the nuns as well.  Edwin maybe now named Krystal for the tough trouble looking tomboy she is according the comic image.  If Bridget and Akita are together, as is Lavini and Cassiopeia, and as is XY and Julia then the next maybe should hers or more helper to Lavini since Cassiopeia is trying take care the church.  Maybe some ideas for the series from by Lynn Abbey novel series about curses or rouge hunters that travel trough time via awasteland in Out of time or whatever the series is called.  The wasteland where all of time and space at once in place. With hunters being almost immortal and timeless.  Plus extra stuff suff who find out as you read the novels.  
Roxanne13579 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, in the end they are ZeroForever's characters and his stories. I do like those ideas :)

Personally I thought it'd also be cute perhaps to have the next clock girl be the lover of my water clock girl but that's just a theory I like toying with x3 I will have to see what ZF has in stall for the series :)
ZeroForever Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
thanks for the work =)
Roxanne13579 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome ^^
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